Happy Halloween



Belle, our 3-year-old labradoodle, is ready for Halloween.  I did buy a huge bowl of candy, but just realized half of the candy is missing!  I made the mistake of opening the bags.  One piece then led to another….and another…..and another.  Wonder who ate the candy…….?  I will be making a quick trip to the store again for candy.  And this time, I am going to hide it from my family.

Halloween can be fun for kids, but it also a time when you should have a safety talk- especially if this is your child’s first time trick-or-treating.  I have listed a few websites with safety tips for kids and pets.  We have a sweet, but very naughty dog who loves to get into things.  Remember to keep candy out of your pet’s reach.  Chocolate can be toxic to pets.  Recently, I left a plate with my son’s lunch on the counter.   Way out of Belle’s reach.  She must have superpowers because the plate was on the ground when I walked into the kitchen.  She ate everything- a healthy carrot remained!  She was hiding under our dining room table.  Looking VERY guilty!


A few SAFETY SUGGESTIONS I liked from the websites:

  • Try adding reflective tape to costumes and candy bags.  This will help you to keep track of your children, especially when they get into a group with other kids.  Additionally, it will allow drivers to see your children when they cross the street.

  • For pets- remember outfits can get twisted on external objects on your pet, leading to injury.  I learned this lesson last year.  Belle was wearing a shirt that became caught on my fireplace screen.  She panicked, dragging the heavy, metal screen with her.  If she wears any clothing, it is only for a few minutes now.

  • Spooked pets can get lost.  Belle will be spending time in her crate during trick-or-treating.  She acts crazy every time someone knocks on the door.  I don’t want our night to end up with our family searching the area for our lost dog.







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